10 Everyday Things You Probably Keep Doing Wrong


According to some studies, we’re living on autopilot 46.9% of our life. This constant mind-wanderingoften distracts us from our daily activities and even makes us feel unhappy. That’s why it’s crucially important to pay attention to every the smallest detail of our lives and always try to look at things with fresh eyes.

10. Holding your drink

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The right way to hold any drink is to hold a bottle by its neck and a glass by its stem. Here’s the reason why — if you hold the glass by its body, the heat of your hands affects the temperature of your drink, causing it to warm up and even change its taste and appearance.

9. Shampooing

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Both hair stylists and dermatologists say that daily shampooing may be harmful for your hair as it removes important oils from it. As a result, the oil glands on your scalp try to compensate by producing even more oil than usual. So if you don’t want your hair to get greasy too fast, wash it no more than 2 or 3 times a week.

8. Microwaving leftovers

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Although microwaves were designed to heat food evenly, they can’t properly do that if you leave food in a huge pile in a middle of the plate. Instead, try digging a hole in the middle of your leftoversand place them around the rim of the plate before putting it into the microwave. This trick will help the heat pass through all of your food without leaving the middle cold.

7. Wearing a bobby pin

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When you insert a bobby pin into your hair, make sure that its wavy side faces downward. Due to this method, the curves of the pin will grip your hair much tighter and its position on your scalp will be secured. Besides that, the bobby pin will appear less visible on your locks.

6. Placing your spoon when cooking

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If you don’t want to have one more dirty plate after preparing dinner, you can try putting your cooking spoon right into the handle of the pot. But be careful: it’s better to choose a wooden spoon with a long handle that will perfectly fit this little holster.

5. Applying toothpaste

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We all tend to think that the more toothpaste we use when brushing our teeth, the cleaner and whiter they will be. However, that’s absolutely not true. Any dentist would say to you that all you need is a pea-size amount of toothpaste to get the job done.

4. Taking a bath before bed

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Although most people believe that soaking in hot water may help you relax and fall asleep easily, it’s not recommended to take a hot bath right before going to bed. The reason is rather simple — your body temperature will stay elevated, keeping your heart and veins on high alert.

So here you have 2 options — either take a hot bath at least an hour before going to bed in order to give your body some time to cool down or use warm water instead.

3. Holding a pen

\"10 Everyday

The tripod technique of holding a pen assumes that your thumb, index finger, and middle finger create a triangle. So if you want to grip a pen properly, rest it on your middle finger and place your index finger on top of it. The pads of your pinky and ring fingers should be comfortably placed on the page, supporting the rest of your hand and allowing it to move smoothly.

You should also avoid squeezing the pen, otherwise, your hand will get tired quickly. Instead, hold the pen as close to the bottom as possible with a loose grip.

2. Pouring juice into a glass

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The best way to avoid splashing and spilling juice on the table is to pour it over the cardboard fold with the opening on the top. This trick will help you control the flow and make the whole process smoother.

1. Flushing the toilet

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When you flush the toilet and leave the seat open, it results in a “toilet plume,” a phenomenon when infectious bacteria and viruses contained in your fecal particles shoot up right in the air. As a result, your feces get on everything in your bathroom, including the floor, sink, towels, and even toothbrushes. So if you care about your health, don’t forget to close the toilet seat lid next time.