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Whiter teeth in 2 minutes with baking soda and coconut oil

All people can agree that it is a beautiful smile that is one of the main weapons of a person. A seductive smile is impossible without beautiful teeth. If you do not want to spend huge money on whitening at the dentist, you can whiten your teeth at home.

Contrary to popular belief that teeth turn yellow due to coffee, smoking and improper care, even people without bad habits complain about the color of their teeth. Their shade depends not only on the effect of external dyes, but also on the natural color of the bone.

In that case, the only way out is to make the teeth whiter. Dental whitening, in addition to being expensive, also hurts enamel and has a short effect.

However, you can lighten your teeth by other methods, much more budgetary and natural.

Try this natural remedy and you will like your smile. You need just two ingredients:

#1. baking soda

#2. coconut oil

Mix baking soda and coconut oil to make a paste.

Brush your teeth with this paste, then gently massage your teeth. Leave the composition for one minute. Try to clean only the teeth and not touch the gums, so as not to injure them. You can add water to the mixture, but in this case the composition should be used within three minutes.

Baking soda is widely used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology. Due to its soft abrasiveness, it has the ability to clean the surface of the teeth well. In addition, baking soda is a very alkaline product that can eliminate increased acidity in the oral cavity and normalize the pH level.

Coconut oil is useful not only for skin and hair, but also perfectly dissolves dirt, tartar, removes microbes and plaque. Possessing bactericidal properties, coconut oil can be used to prevent caries. It is important that you can use this treatment without restrictions and as often as you want.

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