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The Best Foreplay For A Woman

Sexual intercourse is not the same for women as it is for men. Women need a little more attention, stimulation and sensuality. It\’s not enough to just touch a bit and then start with penetration. Women need a sensual atmosphere to excite and turn them on. To achieve this, foreplay is essential for women and can be done before having sex.In this article we\’ll describe in detail the best foreplay for a woman, making your relations together highly satisfactory for both.  

The importance of foreplay for women

Foreplay is the sex games preceding intercourse. For women it\’s more important than for men because, besides causing genital arousal, it prepares the entire body for sex. By contrast, men don\’t need preliminary games because they have a faster and more centralized way of achieving genital arousal. Therefore, if you want to fully satisfy a woman in bed, don\’t forget to focus on foreplay, it will have her in a frenzy! 

Set up the mood

Although it may seem minor, it\’s not. The ambiance is important to stimulate the senses and cause her to become more aroused and want to have sex. Therefore, it never hurts to dim the lights, put on romantic or sensual music, light some scented candles and enjoy a space that\’s ready for a romantic encounter. 

Dress sexy

Besides taking into account the setting, it\’s also important to pay attention to the little details that can visually excite a woman. Wearing underwear that\’s sexy and tight is a thousand times more erotic than baggy, chequered boxers. The little things create a feeling of sensuality and however small, can provoke arousal and encourage the desire for sex. 

How much foreplay does a woman need?

The amount of foreplay depends on each woman but as a general rule, keep in mind that not just one minute of touching is enough. Women need a little more attention, playing, touching, and so on. The important thing is that you make her feel comfortable, excited and that she\’s dying to make love to you. And that\’s only achieved by arousing her with lots of foreplay, so take the necessary time until you see that she\’s ready for sex. This can usually take about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Sensual massage

Among the best foreplay for women, we suggest that you start with something simple like a sensual massage. As we already mentioned, it\’s important that the space cultivates eroticism and once this is achieved, you can start by massaging your partner\’s body. We recommend that you do this using essential oils with different aromas that stimulate her desire. You can also buy an edible oil to finish the massage by licking her body and making her arousal even more intense. 

French kissing

Then you can continue with other foreplay favorites for women like wet kisses. You can start by kissing your partner, begin with her lips, continue down the neck, kissing her ears, the nape of the neck, and so on. You can start this game by kissing the exposed parts and saving the more intimate parts of her body for later. The best should be left for last. 

Slow undressing

The next step is to undress her and slowly get undressed yourself. Unhurriedly, taking off each garment, teasing her and kissing each part of her body that\’s uncovered, while watching her intently. In sex, all of the senses play a part so incorporate them all in foreplay games and you\’ll see how the two of you arrive at a point of maximum arousal. If you still haven\’t undressed, now is the time to do it but unhurriedly and sensually. 


Once you\’re naked in bed, it\’s best to start with touching. Touch all of her body with your hand, caressing every part of her skin while kissing your partner on the lips and neck as you do it. The combination of caresses with kisses will drive her wild in just a few seconds. This is the time to fondle her most erotic parts, her breasts, legs, her sex. Don\’t rush to masturbate her and you\’ll arouse her even more.

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