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Makeup Tips If You Have Psoriasis

Mask Your Plaques

Whether it’s on your face or other parts of your body, psoriasis can make you self-conscious. But there are things you can do to feel more comfortable with the way your skin looks. With a few tips and tricks (and some practice), you can cover your plaques, wherever they are, and create smoother-looking skin.

Start With a Cleanse

The first step is to wash your skin like you always do, using doctor-approved cleansers. A washcloth can help scrub away any dried flakes. That’s important, because if they stay on your skin, they can make makeup cake. But make sure to be gentle with your sensitive skin.


Lubricate your skin with a lotion that’s fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and nonclogging. Let it soak in for at least 10 minutes before you put anything else on your skin. You want the skin around your psoriasis to be hydrated, but not slick. If it’s slick, makeup won’t stick.

Prep With Primer

Once your skin has soaked in lotion, it’s time for primer. It goes on before any makeup. It stays on top of your plaques instead of sinking in. Just like paint primer, it gives you a smoother surface to work with.

Use the Right Makeup

You may need thicker makeup for problem patches, or you may just want to even out redness with a lighter liquid option. Talk to your doctor and pick the product that will work best for your needs. You may want to try makeup on a small area first, to see if it causes a reaction.

Choose Your Color

It may take a few tries to find the makeup with the right shade for your skin tone. Tip: Test out different hues on the skin near your psoriasis, not on top of it. You may need to mix two products to get the color you’re looking for and thickness you need.

Start Small

Your fingertips are your best tools for putting makeup on evenly. Put a small amount into your hand to warm it before you spread it on. (The warmth helps it go on more smoothly.) Apply a little, blend it in, then add light layers, one on top of the other, until you get the coverage you feel you need.

Flex and Bend

If you’re covering psoriasis around a joint area, like a knee or an elbow, make sure the joint’s bent when you put on the makeup. If you don’t, it’ll crack and have gaps when you straighten it later.

Set It

Want your makeup to go the distance? Brush it with a loose powder once you’re done. Then spritz it with a fixing spray or waterproof hairspray. Finish off with one more dusting of powder for a more matte look.

Touch Up

When you’re on the go, carry a small makeup kit so you have a way to fix any makeup mishaps.

Remove With Care

Makeup may help you forget your psoriasis for a while, but the skin you’re covering is sensitive. Be good to it. Clean up gently: A petroleum-based makeup remover, like petroleum jelly, can help soften makeup before you wipe and wash it off.

Practice Makes Perfect

It can take time to get the right color, coverage, and routine. So be patient with yourself as you get your tools and techniques down. If you’d like some help, you may want to give makeup specialty stores a try. A little in-person expertise can help you find the right product and create a good routine.

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