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He Decided To Drink 1 Gallon Of Water per Day For 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking!

Aren’t you getting tired of being constantly reminded that you should drink more water? This journalist from the “Thrillist“ portal clearly was, so he decided to test this popular advice with an interesting experiment – he drank a gallon of water every day for one month. The results? Totally unexpected in the most amazing way!In the beginning, he bought a plastic bottle of one gallon and carried it everywhere with him. He soon realized that this is going to be harder than he tought! Consuming one gallon of water in one day means drinking it even when you’re not thirsty. On one hand, his appetite got suppressed since he was feeling full all the time, and he ate less and felt more satiated. But on the other hand, drinking so much water gave him a rather annoying need to urinate every 20 minutes!

But somewhere around day 10, the positive effects started to kick in. The journalist woke up feeling energized and fresh, ready for a great start of the new day even before having the usual morning cup of coffee. Also, the health of his skin and hair significantly improved and he felt like a brand new man, so he was even more determined to successfully finish his challenge.

During the following week, he almost completely lost the need to drink coffee, which was a big shock for him as he was used to drinking more than three cups of it a day. He noticed that the quality of his sleep improved as well as his ability to concentrate, so he performed better at his job.Before he began drinking a gallon of water a day, he often experienced fatigue well before the end of the day, but now he felt he had so much more energy and mental strength. By this time his body had fully adapted to the new regime, so he started feeling thirsty more often and didn’t have to force himself to consume all that water – he actually felt the need for it. Although he still had to frequently visit the toilet, his urine became crystal clear. His friends and family started to compliment him about his shiny hair, clear skin and more positive attitude. He got so used to drinking such a big amount of water that he couldn’t imagine not doing it anymore. He felt fresh and clean throughout the whole day. His immune system was boosted and he even managed to lose some weight.

And after one month, when the experiment came to its end, he decided to continue drinking a great amount of water every day because he wanted to keep the amazing benefits this experiment introduced into his life. According to him, everyone should find his or her right amount of water and start consuming it right away – it’s the absolutely cheapest, most natural and most effective way to instantly boost your overall health and well-being!

If this sounds too good to be true, why not try it for yourself?

After all, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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