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A 7-step approach to shaving the bikini line without creating ingrown hairs

It is almost impossible to find a woman who does not take care of her appearance, starting from hair and ending with heels. Especially it concerns the summer period, when you have to bare yourself, for example, wear shorts and t-shirts, not to mention the beach. However, unfortunately, sometimes there is such an unpleasant side-effect as ingrown hair in the bikini zone.

This problem has a rather unaesthetic appearance, which gives rise to a large number of complexes. In addition, at the site of ingrown hairs, pustules often form, which carry the risk of infection, and this is a direct threat to health. This is not to mention the fact that such places quickly become inflamed and constantly hurt. To avoid this, it is worthwhile to know why ingrown hairs occurs, and how then to get rid of unwanted hair correctly.

Each hair has its own direction of growth. If for any reason it changes, then instead of going into special holes on the dermis, the rod will go under it, so, it will begin to grow horizontally. Often this is due to the fact that the procedure of hair removal is done incorrectly. Initially, when the hair just begins to grow, local redness is formed, where the pimple is subsequently formed.

Further the process can be aggravated, the inflammation will begin to affect surrounding tissues, and the place of growth starts to become denser, becoming a bump. In the bikini area, it is possible to see dark spots, a very unpleasant sight. If the situation is prolonged even longer, such places can go to the stage of open wounds, which are easily infected and then the consequences can be extremely deplorable.

It is easier to prevent any problem than to seek its solution, the ingrown hair in the bikini zone is no exception. For this reason, many doctors advise adhering to certain rules when performing depilation, in order to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs to a minimum.

Let’s look at a 7-step approach to shaving the bikini line without creating ingrown hairs:

#1. Invest in a good bikini razor. Do not spare money on it, you skin will be thankful.

#2. Prep to prevent ingrown hair on your bikini line. Before the procedure, take a warm shower. Then the skin will be soft, and the pores will open. Use a mild detergent to cleanse the skin. If in the process of depilation, particles of dirt and dust get into the open channel, then the infection process may begin. You can also take a hot bath with the addition of foam, sea salt, essential oils or decoctions of soothing herbs – chamomile, marigold, mint or sage. The bath should be taken for about 15 – 20 minutes, so that the skin calms down, becomes soft and supple, and the pores open.

#3. Don\’t skip shaving cream. Do not use soap when shaving your bikini zone. Give preference to special gels and foams, they moisturize and cool the skin, making it easier to shave. The razor should be sharp.

#4. Pay attention to your bikini shaving technique. Shaving should be strictly in the direction of hair growth, and not against it, as many people are used to doing. When shaving against hair growth, the skin is damaged, resulting in ingrown hairs. In the bikini zone, there are several directions of growth, this must be taken into account during the process.

#5. Calm your skin after shaving the bikini area. After the end of shaving, apply to the body special treatments. The softer the skin is, the less ingrown hairs there will be.

#6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Always finish the shaving procedure by applying moisturizers to the desired area. After that apply an antiseptic, and after a while, apply body cream, which will remove dryness and irritation from the skin. If desired, you can replace body cream with lotion, slowing down hair growth.

#7. Clean your bikini razor. You need to rub your razor with alcohol or to put it under hot water after every procedure.

Permanent skin care will help to solve the problem with ingrown hair. The day before shaving, you need to scrub your skin. After hair removal, it is useful to make a soothing mask for the skin to make the skin soft and to heal small cracks. Choose the best way of hair removal of the bikini zone for you. Perhaps the ingrowth of hair is associated with improper procedures. Also do not forget to take appropriate preventive measures.

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