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7 Sneaky Signs Of Ovulation And Fertility, Beyond Feeling Needy

Normally, it’s taken for granted that when your hormones are running wild, you are at your fertile best! But, your body is cleverer than you think and is not always going to display the obvious signs of your sexual desires to signal that you’re ovulating. It has plenty of other signs in store – signs that you may not know but will definitely let others around you know that your fertility status is at its peak! These signs can vary from the way you walk to the way you talk.

 Now that your curiosity has been piqued, let us tell you all about the 7 rather sneaky sings that hint at your fertility and ovulation status-
1. You BlushThat pink glow on your face everyone keeps talking about? That’s there to show that it’s that time of the month again! According to a study conducted by the University of Glasgow, women tend to blush more and have pinker tint on their cheeks when they’re fertile (1). Dr. Benedict Jones, the lead researcher of the study, explains that a rise in the level of the hormone estradiol is responsible for the blush (2). This hormone is at its highest level when you’re ovulating, sending blood to your cheeks and causing that blush.
2. Your Voice Becomes Sultry

Talking to a man when you’re ovulating can give him literal goosebumps! That’s according to a report featured in the journal Physiology and Behavior (3). This study mentions that a woman’s voice goes through certain modulations at different stages in her cycle, acquiring a sultry tone during ovulation. Men were asked to listen to a woman’s voice when she was ovulating as a part of this study. The results revealed that electrical activity in a man’s skin witnessed a 20 percent increase in this scenario. Just like the rosy tint on your cheeks, hormones are responsible for the changes in your voice as well.
3. You Wear A Lot Of RedIt seems to be that the color of love, red, is the preferred choice of women during their monthly ovulation phase. Pink, too, features into the list of colors women like to wear at this time. Researchers opine that women tend to choose bright shades of red and pink when ovulating in order to attract attention from the opposite sex. Also, to feel their sexiest! Short dresses and skirts or tops with low necklines will also be common at this time.
4. You Shake Hands FirmlyA firm handshake is more than a sign of your confidence levels. As per a study conducted by the Colorado-based Adams State University, women with a tight grip when shaking hands aren’t just at their most fertile but also tend to have more children (4). A strong and bold personality can be taken as an indicator of good health, invariably hinting at high levels of fertility. Women give a lot of importance to strength when choosing a mate and this study proves that men pay special attention to strength too when selecting a partner.

5. Your Face Looks PrettierA woman’s hormones continue to influence the shape and features of her face all through her fertile years, states a study conducted in England (5). The lead researcher of the study, Dr. Miriam Law Smith, says that women are constantly portraying their fertility status via their faces. She explains that women with peak levels of fertility tend to have full lips, bright eyes, plump cheeks, and smooth skin. And this happens due to the raised levels of estrogen during ovulation. 6. You Dance In A Sexier WayWomen at their peak fertility phases tend to dance in a sexier way, look more pretty and are less stressed (6). Studies have shown a correlation between the women’s attractiveness and their ovulation phase. A woman’s changing hormones affect the way they move and act. Don’t you think that’s a bonus? We all sway a tab bit more, I guess.
7. You Look Fitter

Upcoming occasions may motivate you to lose weight but so will ovulating! A new research states that women are more determined to lose weight during ovulation (7). The researchers believe this could be because women wish to attract a good mate and hence, they try to look their best. However, women on birth control pills and those not ovulating did not show the same enthusiasm to workout.

Reading the above signs of ovulating, all we can tell you is, it’s best to go on a date when you’re ovulating! Who knows, you might actually get that cute guy you’ve always wanted. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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