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Women Are Putting Cabbage Leaves On Their Breasts – The Reason Will Make You Happy

Does it seem absurd? Well, it seemed the same to us the first time we heard of it. The reason behind it is so satisfying and all worth this trick.

Breast pain is a common phenomenon that most women suffer from. Also known as mastalgia, this kind of breast pain normally occurs during PMS, breastfeeding etc. Putting cabbage leaves on breasts started way back in the American world and slowly spread to other parts. Cabbage leaves on breasts are known to reduce the pain, bringing it back to normal in a short period of time. While the science behind this trick is still not fully discovered, it definitely works.

Breastfeeding mothers experience swollen breasts more often than the rest, causing discomfort and pain. Soon after birth, the breasts seem normal, but after a few days, the worry of lumpy and heavy breasts becomes a concern. Apart from just heavy breasts, cracked nipples could also recover from that stage through some cabbage remedy. While breastfeeding isn’t the sole reason for heavy breasts, an incorrect bra size could be a reason too. Whatever the reason maybe, the remedy remains intact and benefitting.

So are you wondering now, how exactly do you put cabbage leaves on your breasts? Here you go.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Take a fresh cabbage, green cabbage is preferable.
  • Wash the cabbage thoroughly to make sure it is free of dirt.
  • Place the cabbage in the refrigerator for about half an hour.
  • Once cold, pluck off the outer leaves of the cabbage and throw it.
  • The inner leaves of the cabbage need to be sorted and the stems of it need to be cut.
  • Once that is done, place these inner leaves into cold water.
  • Place these leaves on your breasts, making sure your areolas remain uncovered.
  • Cut out the part which covers the areolas.
  • Let the cabbage leaves remain on the breasts for about 20 minutes.
  • Once the leaves seem warm on the breasts, take them off.
  • Massage the breasts with a moisturizer for a while.

This trick can be readily implemented anytime when any sort of breast pain or discomfort is experienced.

Are you ready to get going? This has worked for many many women, and you are no exception. Replace your worries and doctor visits with this simple remedy.

A cabbage a day could keep your breast pain away! Let us know how well this trick worked for you, and spread the word!

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